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A Children's Consignment Store
1757 N Nova Road #110-111, Holly Hill  -  Store Hours: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 12 noon - 8pm  Wed & Sat 10am-4pm
Consignment Policy
Scheduling: When bringing in consignments, you must call or text to schedule a drop off. 
We schedule appointments only 1 - 2 weeks out. This aids in appointments being kept. 
If you haven't called, be prepared to be told no even if you're here at 10am. Sometimes we 
have work left over from the day before. Each day we are only accepting as much as we 
can process so that we may get your items on the sales floor in a timely manner. To 
expedite the process, make sure your items are clean and in working order when you bring 
them in. We will refuse orders that are not clean and organized. Please don't ask us to sell 
anything you would not be willing to buy. We are not a discount thrift store, our goal is to 
provide a quality product at a reasonable price.

Amount you may bring: You may drop off one medium laundry basket of items per week 
which may include up to 20 pieces of seasonal clothing! (Basket should NOT be overflowing) 
No more than 3 larger items at a time that won't fit in the basket unless prior arrangements 
have been made. Once established larger orders can be scheduled. 

Baby Equipment: Our percentage for baby equipment is 60%-40%. Consignor gets 60% if items are clean, store gets 60% if they are not. With the exception of cribs, changing tables and mattresses. They are 50/50 a 50/50 split. 60/40 Baby Equipment consists of: bassinets,bouncy seats, baby swings, exersaucers, walkers, jumperoos, high chairs, pack n plays, car seats, and cosleepers. We do not sell full size strollersWe will not accept dirty pack n plays. As demand rises we occasionally buy outright baby equipment but you will always make more consigning it.

THIS MUST BE CONSIDERED WHEN PREPARING WHAT TO BRING IN  If this is not done we may refuse your order or give part of it back to you.
All items should be clean and in working order. Please check electronic toys for battery corrosion. Baby items should be clean and stain free. 
Car seats must have a date of manufacture and not be expired. (Most are good 6 years from date made.) Shoes should be in like new condition, be seasonably appropriate and a kids style. We do not want adult shoes. Please check clothing for tears, stains, missing buttons, etc . . . we will not accept these items. 
All buttons and snaps must be fastened. Consider the season when preparing your items. We sell items for infants through teens. We accept junior and men’s sizes (up to 34”), but we do not accept adult clothing styles. 

We reserve the right to donate without notice any items not meeting these standards.

If you have any doubts as to what we will accept, ask us to look through your order while you are here, we don't mind. We do not have the space to hold items for pick up later. Baskets are provided to place your items in so you don't have to leave your bins behind. We will refuse any items not ready for the sales floor.

What we DO NOT accept: Full size strollers, stuffed animals, open inflatables, bike helmets, slippers, computer games, hand held games or games that connect to a TV, porcelain dolls, smart cycles, VHS tapes, baseball caps, purses, room décor (except with crib sets), twin size bedding, pillows, back packs, toys involving real food, picture frames and photo albums. We limit what we will accept in open board games. Any questions, please ask.

Payment Procedures: We pay consignors 50% of what your items sell for (with the exception of baby equipment, see above) in CASH or store credit but you wait for the items to sell first. Accounts with no activity after 6 months are subject to recycling and any balance will be converted to store credit. After 12 months of inactivity the store credit balance is forfeited. No activity means you haven't made any money or dropped anything off within that time.
Please keep in mind when preparing your toys that this is our holiday season.What you bring should be of a quality that it can be given as a gift. Now is not the time to bring in items with excessive wear and tear or that are missing pieces.
We are accepting winter clothes 
but only in the sizes we have room for. We will accept jackets of any size.